Our story

Ariane Marie founder of Lea Gogo lactase supplements
Lea Gogo was founded by Ariane – that’s me! I discovered my intolerance to lactose in my late teen years. I was lucky enough to live in Germany at the time where the knowledge about lactose intolerance is quite high and the market offers several solutions for people with that condition and lactase supplements are easily available.

I sometimes forget about my lactose intolerance, because I never have to think about what I can or can’t eat – I can eat everything!

When I moved to France and to the UK I realized that the markets were very different, in fact they were not set up for people like me. Everyone with an intolerance I asked had never heard of these pills before!

I knew for a fact that I wasn’t alone in that position. 25% of the population in Europe is intolerant to lactose and the vast majority in the UK isn't even aware they are affected.

This is why I started Lea Gogo. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy dairy without the symptoms that come with it. Don’t ever let lactose intolerance get in the way!