Lea Gogo´s box contains 40 lactase tablets with the strength 12,500 FCC (Food Chemical Codex) each.The strength is an indicator of the amount of lactose that can be split by one tablet.


12,500 FCC can break down approximately 12.5 g of lactose.

A glass of milk (250 g) contains around 15 g of lactose.

Chocolate (100 g) has around 10 g of lactose.

Milkpowder (100 g) that can be contained in ready meals, sausages or medicines has around 50 g of lactose.


The packaging is made of aluminium and can easily be reused or recycled, which makes it a sustainable choice.


Instruction: Take one tablet before having a meal or a drink that contains dairy. You can take up to 10 tablets a day.


Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Lactase, Magnesium Stearate


Tablets are made in Germany.

Lactase pills 40 tablets