• Ariane Marie

How can you tell you have lactose intolerance ?

Updated: Feb 6

If within a few hours of drinking a glass of milk or ingesting dairy products, you experiment some of the following symptoms, you might have a lactose intolerance:

· Bloating

· Diarrhea

· Gases

· Nausea

· Stomach cramps and pain

· Rumbling stomach

· Vomiting

Published medical studies have also shown that a continuous intake of lactose when intolerant might play a role in depression.

Note that you might only show a couple of those symptoms and not the whole list.

About the severity of the symptoms, it will depend on your lactose intake and on your level of intolerance. As those symptoms can be similar to, for example, the irritable bowel syndrome or to a milk protein intolerance, you could try to eliminate lactose for a couple of weeks. This will mean avoiding milk, yogurt, fresh cheese, ice creams but also chocolate, whey protein and more generally industrial food that might contain hidden milk powder in their preparation (breakfast cereals, margarine, instant soups, salad dressings, etc…)

If you are taking medication, verify that it does not contain lactose. Some 20% do…

If you notice a significant progress in your well-being after two weeks, the last step to ascertain if you have lactose intolerance or not is to visit your GP. There are actually tests available, that you can take.

The most common is the hydrogen breath test. You ingest a lactose solution and over a couple of hours, the hydrogen concentration in the air that you exhale is measured regularly. High levels will mean you suffer from a lactose intolerance.

The test will also be able to reveal if your intolerance is mild or acute, which will help you control it.

Now that you know that you are lactose intolerant, give a try at Lea Gogo. It is nothing else than lactase tablets. Lactase is a natural enzyme that “cuts” lactase in two other sugars that your body does not have trouble processing. It will replace the lactase your digestive system does not produce anymore. The action of the Lea Gogo tablets will allow you to better digest lactose, and therefore to avoid those uncomfortable symptoms.

You only have to change your shopping habits by starting to read the composition of the products you usually buy, to learn where lactase can be hidden and when you have to take a Lea Gogo tablet!